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COVID-19 in Jefferson County

Published by Support on April 14, 2020 in category: Current Event

It’s important that all residents of Jefferson County do everything they can to slow down the spread of the coronavirus through our community. You can review helpful tips for keeping your property clean and sanitized right here. These suggestions are based on the guidelines issued by the CDC and the EPA in response to our current global pandemic.

You may be especially concerned about sanitizing your property if you believe someone with the coronavirus visited. In this situation, the CDC recommends that you:

  • Close off the area where the infected person was
  • Open windows and outside doors to the restricted area
  • Allow the area to air out for up to 24 hours if possible
  • Clean any surfaces in the room with soap and water
  • Use a disinfectant approved by the EPA to sanitize surfaces

Note that you may also use a 70% alcohol solution or a diluted bleach mixture to sanitize surfaces in your home or business. You should wear gloves while handling cleaning and sanitization in Jefferson County. Make sure that you clean your hands immediately after you remove your gloves, for the best chances of protecting your health.

You should follow a similar cleaning process for regular sanitization during the coronavirus pandemic. However, if no one with the illness was in your property, you do not have to air out your home or business before you begin sanitization.

You may also decide you want help handling sanitization services in Jefferson County. You can get professional assistance by contacting 911 Restoration of Jefferson County. We focus on providing disinfection solutions based on the guidelines of the CDC and the EPA. Our sanitization specialists are trained to handle both commercial and residential cleanup. Contact us now to get the help you need during the coronavirus outbreak.

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